DAY 2: Let me tell you, jet lag is a bitch!

Lusaka is 7 hours ahead of Atlanta and 8 hours ahead of Chicago. Kat had arranged to have her friend, Martha, pick us up in the morning and help us do our errands. Well, we slept till noon and there was a note under our door saying, “Welcome to Zambia! The guard has my phone number and I bought him talk time (phone credit for his phone) so you can use his phone.” Not only did we sleep through her beeping and knocking, she had left to buy phone credit and returned so we could borrow the guard’s phone to call her. Above and beyond Martha. Thank you.

So you’re probably thinking, “wait, the guard didn’t have a cell phone?” He did, he just didn’t have any talk time left on it. It’s pretty much all prepaid here and he has a radio to call in work-issues.

We called Martha and she picked us up and off we went. Our first request, we needed to get cell phones. I got a sim card and called mom straight away (who happened to be in Atlanta visiting Julie)! Of course, she didn’t answer because she had left her phone in the car. I can tell how worried she was about me. 🙂 Next, I tried calling my sister, she answered and we talked a bit and then she passed the phone to my mom. All is good again. Then I texted Ange to tell her know that all is good and she texted back that I was an asshole. Loved it. She doesn’t care about me. She was scared for Char. What a great lady!

Next stop, grocery store. But wait. It’s Africa, and I had been told to expect that anything could happen, it’s all part of the adventure. Well, low and behold, Martha’s Prado (which used to be Faith’s car) wouldn’t start. Even though it hasn’t been Faith’s car for a good 5 years, I’m still going to blame her. You’re welcomed Faith! 🙂 The battery had died. It’s hot outside. Africa hot! This stuff happens so no big deal, I guess. Martha calls her son and daughter who come and we try to jump it. It didn’t work. And everyone around tried to help us. The people here are some of the friendliest people I have ever meet. Now, this is my first real day and I am pleasantly surprised at how willing everyone is to help. Next, we decided to push start it as it is a manual drive. Yeah… that didn’t work either and after I picked my lungs up off the ground, we finally pushed it into a parking spot. Meanwhile, Martha’s kids drove Martha to an auto shop to get a new battery and they dropped Kat and me at a grocery store for a quick shopping spree.

Martha’s car finally got up and running and dropped off the groceries at the house. Then we checked to see if the internet store was opened but they had already closed as it was Sunday and nearly 5pm. Now what? Let’s eat! Went to dinner had a great meal. Steak is good here. We came home and called it a day!

DAY 2: Let me tell you, jet lag is a bitch!

6 thoughts on “DAY 2: Let me tell you, jet lag is a bitch!

  1. stevewencel says:

    Glad to you made it. Sorry Bennys not there, can’t wait to hear the airport story. Enjoy your adventure, and tell Kat= Kathy I said hi.


  2. faithlh1 says:

    HAHAHA that was just my little old sweet Prado giving you a warm African welcome! Can’t wait to hear more about your time there!


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