Char thinks she is Simba

Char is adjusting nicely to her new digs,even though she can not seem to find the perfect spot. She has made a new friend that visits ever morning about 5:45 am and starts pecking at the window.She is always running and has more energy then she knows what to do with. Char is finally a crazy cat.



Char thinks she is Simba

7 thoughts on “Char thinks she is Simba

  1. ninny71 says:

    I tried to comment but I don’t think it went through so trying again. Excuse the repeat if it did post.

    I SAID……This is my favorite post yet. Good for Char. A cool place to settle down with Mom. She deserves it. What does she think of the mosquito netting? I can’t imagine Roman. 😼😽🙀

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  2. Hello from Sheridan!! Great pictures of Char. She has definitely settled in to the Africa life. Meow😻. Did you build her a window seat? Hope all is going well. Please say hello to Kathy. Miss & Love you😚💋💨

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