Easter weekend part 3: Livingstone, Zambia at Victoria Falls

This is the last post about the falls! I promise. 🙂

On the last day in Livingstone, we had a light schedule but it still started early. Today, we went to the falls for a trip that is called The Morning Breezer which departed from the Royal Livingstone Hotel at 7am. We got there in Winckler fashion because 15 minutes early is late in my world! Arriving early, we got to enjoy a bit of relaxing time before the boat picked us up to go to Livingstone Island. Livingstone Island is a small patch of land about 10 feet for the edge of the falls. There is a area set up for breakfast, a loo (bathroom) with a view (of the falls), and the opportunity to walk to the end of the falls and look over. Once on the island, they asked us to remove our shoes and anything else we didn’t want to get wet. Next, they began to walk us toward the edge of the falls. They give us the history of Dr. Livingstone who was the first Westerner to document the falls. Next thing you know they took us by the hand and walked us one by one to the edge to look over! I was standing 6 inches from the drop and looking down! Holy f@&$. How crazy is that! These guys are either fearless or stupid but, hey, I let them walk me out there so am I the stupid one. Either way, what a view. During dry season, you can walk to Devil’s pool and you can swim within inches from the edge. Today, as you can see from the photos, the water was too deep and too fast to make it there safely. Even though we couldn’t get to the pool, the experience was worth it. After going to the edge, they led us back to the patch of land for breakfast. This was the best breakfast we had had all week! What a great way to end a great weekend of firsts. Can’t wait to go back and swim in that pool.

Easter weekend part 3: Livingstone, Zambia at Victoria Falls

6 thoughts on “Easter weekend part 3: Livingstone, Zambia at Victoria Falls

  1. ninny71 says:

    That’s exactly the trip we took except we did swim in devil’s pool and we had lunch with lots of alcohol which was much needed after being on the edge!! I still get Knots in my stomach thinking about it. P.s. I have a picture of david using the loo with a view of you want to see. 🙂

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