Finally got a Braai (grill)


Once a month, there is a bigger market in Lusaka called the Dutch market as it sits on the property of a Dutch church. This market is a gold mine of artists’ work, tourist things, food stalls (I finally found Mexican food!), and other random things. This was our first chance to go and it was much better than the weekly markets that are held around town. It has better quality items and has a lot of things that you don’t need but would be fun to have! (To the parents of my nieces and nephews: Sorry, well not too sorry, for sending some stuff your way! 😊)
During my shopping, I found a well-built braai which is the South African name for grill/BBQ. The braii is made out of a 55 gallon drum, built in work, hanging arm to boil water or hang a pot, multiple grill areas. I sure am missing my Big Green Egg but will give this braai a chance! If I can’t do pizza on it, I’m going to have to build myself a nice pizza oven in the backyard.

Wish me luck on trying out this new method of cooking. Today is seasoning day for the braai. Need to get it ready to go and we started off with a stir fry in the wok. Bon appetit!

Finally got a Braai (grill)

3 thoughts on “Finally got a Braai (grill)

  1. Jan says:

    Oh yeah! You’re going to be cooking a long coil of sausage in no time, John. Can’t wait to experience your cooking there.


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