I’m back (kinda) :)

OK everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting. I got a case of the lazes and with the rash of shit I got from some people I will try and be better.

Just a quick update. When I got back to Zambia from home I noticed a group of men digging a trench along the road. Yes this is how a trench is dug here. No machinery, just a group of men with a shovel and a pick. Apparently in the last 2 weeks they have dug about 3 kilometer’s! Today was a very comfortable 98 degrees. On the plus side, the rumor is that we will be getting fiber optic internet! Yay me.

I’m back (kinda) :)

5 thoughts on “I’m back (kinda) :)

  1. winckler2 says:

    Happy to hear that you made it back safely. And of course thank you for returning to your blog!!! Shannon will be excited to read today when she gets home ftomorrow school. 🙂

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  2. That is crazy! Us Americans are so spoiled. You would never see that kind of manual labor done here especially in those weather conditions. How is Benny? I’m sure he missed you, but I bet Aswell & Abel gave him lots of love while you were away. So glad we got the chance to see you when you were home with your crazy busy schedule. Everyone wants a little Uncle John time. You are one very loved man. Miss you already 😘❤️


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