Hunters Trip ( Trying to get caught up)

So in an effort to catch up for the past few months of silence,  I will be doing some photo dumps (for lack of a better term). I will try to explain what I remember but it has been a long time and lets be honest. I was to lazy to write it up before so don’t count on to much 🙂  I will try and do better. I just want to share some photos of what we have been up to.

I Had my first visitor! (in June) Hunter came out for almost a month and we kept busy. I tried to get her to write something ( she did just graduate with a journalism degree) but she wouldn’t. 🙂 HAHA sorry Hunter. We did a lot and kept busy seeing what Zambia has to offer. After she got over her jet lag we went to Victoria Falls. Its a must do, everyone needs to see how absolutely beautiful it is. Right away she said she was going to bungee jumped off of Victoria Falls Bridge. She did it straight away.crazy! After she wiped the grin off her face we went for  a ride on some elephant. Not a bad day. We spent a couple days in Livingston doing the tourist thing and headed back to Lusaka. Then Hunter came to Chikumbuso for a few days and got to teach a few classes. We did a safari, she got to see a “Winckler moment” and I returned her home safe and sound. Hope to see some more people soon.




Hunters Trip ( Trying to get caught up)

5 thoughts on “Hunters Trip ( Trying to get caught up)

  1. I can’t imagion bungy jumping off that bridge. I did not have the courage to cross that bridge, much less jump off. Your comments bring back fond memories for Tom and me. Thanks for posting.


  2. I couldn’t even walk across that bridge, much less jumping from it. Koodos! Thanks for reminding us of our good memories when we made that trek a few years back. Keep posting!


  3. ejhts5gmailcom says:

    Yes my daughter is crazy, but good on her word. I still can’t believe she bungee jumped from that bridge. She had an amazing time and had a unforgettable experience & opportunity to see why you are enjoying your time in Zambia. As we both know the Elephants were her dream come true. Didn’t she say at the end of that day “okay I can go home now” or something like that? Thank you so much for having her. I know it will be an experience she will forever be grateful for & NEVER forget!!! 🤗🐱🦁🐘🌍✈🕖❤ Love you & always missing you.😚


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