Chaminuka Lodge

On my birthday I got a surprise trip to Chaminuka Lodge. It is also a animal rescue about an hour away from the house.They currently have Cheetahs and Lions that they rescued and are trying to train so people can interact with them.

Well because it was my special day, Not only did I get to pet and walk with the cheetahs they had me kneel down in front of them and had them lick my head! This goes against everything I know I should be doing here in Zambia. With the lack of medical support I tend to be careful. Good help is a two hour flight away. Oh well, sometimes you just go with it. Imagine the tongue of  a cat but multiple it 10 fold. It felt like 36 grit sandpaper being rubbed across my head. After I lived thru that we got to play with 4 month old lion cubs. A great day

Chaminuka Lodge

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