Just some random pictures

I put a few descriptions on the pictures

Just some random pictures

5 thoughts on “Just some random pictures

  1. intlgranolagirl says:

    Idk how I missed this one but I have some questions & comments. Was that the trench they were hand digging? Holy shit it’s long! How’s that welder work? I don’t see a gas line or gun. I’m thinking maybe this is one that you hold something against that middle part (which I’m guessing gets hot) to melt or soder? Maybe I’m totally off as I’m thinking about my jewelry making days. Super! job on those repairs! Good work men!!! That pic of the field burning with Rachels in the foreground is quite beautiful. Who’s Rachel or does this mean I already have somewhere to stay when I come? (I didn’t see any broken windows. Haha) Btw, love that my windows made it into one the the recent emails. I’m still working on getting more balls! Who the hell can afford to buy that big ass John Deer?!? 😲 That iron and the urinals are amazing. So inventive & smart. I myself would not iron. I buy clothes specifically that do not need ironing! Is nashima the stuff one lady was trying to show you how to make? If so it looks like you’ve got it down pat. Looks like white poi but sticks together better. And I don’t drink coffee but that shop looks super cool. What’s with the roller coaster? Virtual reality with white dudes in the background in Zambia seems strange & out of place to say the least. I hope the kids got to see the lantern. They love that stuff. I had a bunch to light for my 40th birthday but we were in drought so the plans were foiled. 🙁 And I’ve gotta say that I’m glad you’re getting massage! I hope it was good my friend.

    When would be a good time to visit? Are you staying for the holidays or coming home at all before 2016 is over? I’d like to start making some plans. Hopefully regardless of my new hot water heater (installed on the morning of the party) and I have to get some landscaping done for the front yard, I’ll have funds for travel. I’m jonesing for a trip and Zambia seems like a once in a lifetime trip to visit friends!

    The Halloween party was small. So many people were out of town. But the costumes were really good, very creative & beautiful. I only have a few pics on my phone (haven’t downloaded the camera card onto my computer yet). I’ll send some. I’ve gotta get ready soon for Perla & Jason’s party. I’m going as Devo. I’ll get ready then send a bunch of pics.

    So alas, ta ta for now my friend. You’ll be missed tonight.



    1. LOL! Yess you do have some questions 🙂 I’ll do my best.

      The trench was about 3 miles long and it was all hand dug! It’s for fiber optic internet.

      The welder is a stick welder and you just wrap wires around the power input so you can plug it in. Then you hook up your ground and wrap a wire around the heat level you want. Ill send a picture of it in use. Its pretty bad ass.

      Rachel is a friend I made here. She doesn’t live there any more so I’m sure you could move in.Its about 6 hours into the bush. It is a pretty cool drive .

      The John Deer was at a trade show. No one here can afford it. A lot of fields are still plowed by OX.

      The nshima is the staple food and it didn’t taste as good as it looked 🙂

      That’s Enrique at Music Midtown on the roller coaster. I just wanted to see if people actually look at the pictures. HAHA

      You know how I love my massages 🙂

      The kids haven’t seen the lanterns yet but some neighbors did and they couldn’t believe it. It was fun to experience that with them.

      I am staying here for the holidays. We are going to Cape Town. I would say as of now with my limited time here I would say any time out of rainy season. Even though I just had the best safari ever so if you want to deal with the heat October has been great for that.

      OK I hope I hit all the main points and we will chat soon. It was good to see you went to the 80’s party.


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