A little something to take your minds off of things today


As I sit here watching election coverage, I figured we could use a little break from Politics. I hope this gives you a few minutes of relief knowing what is out there in our World. Life is short, get out and live it. I will keep it short.


South Luangwa   Puku Ridge camp

Warring some pictures may bother some of you…


A few weeks ago Kat, me, Ty and Francis took the long drive north to the South Luangwa National park. It was a great day driving through some beautiful country.  When we got into the park it was only minutes till we saw about six Lions with a buffalo kill. This would turn out to be our first of 4 kills. The second day we quit counting animals due to the sheer volume we saw! I’m guessing that the hotter, the drier, the better for game viewing. We saw darn near everything! Elephants, zebra, lions, cheetahs, buffalo, wild dog, hyena, hippo, giraffe, crocodile, warthog and more.

When we would have our sun downers overlooking Hippo pods and amazing views, we also saw some local fisherman in their mokoro’s (canoe) getting uncomfortably close to the hippos for me.


I fully expect to never be able to top this safari. Even the guides couldn’t believe how great it was.

Angela, I finally have experienced “Africa HOT” As you can see in the last picture. I had to lay in a cold tub two to three times a day to just cool off. In my defense, the lions were also hot and needed to spread out as you will see in the previous picture.






A little something to take your minds off of things today

7 thoughts on “A little something to take your minds off of things today

  1. ejhts5gmailcom says:

    Amazing pictures! I have a feeling you are loving it more & more after every adventure you go on. Besides all the great animals you have captured in their natural habitat. My favorite is of you in the tub. 😂 Love & Miss You Everyday😚


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