A dry Victoria Falls

Sorry that I have fallen behind again so I will keep it short. 🙂

This Veterans day we celebrated by going back to Victoria Falls, so I could see it in dry season. WOW! You should defiantly go back and look at the first post during wet season. You won’t believe it. This was my third time and I still love it. This time we spent a day on the Zambia side and then went and spent a day on the Zimbabwe side. Both sides have their perks but I think I like Zimbabwe a little better.

We opted to fly down this time to save ourselves the seven hour drive. I like the drive but we have seen it enough and I wanted to cram a lot in so when you come visit I will know Livingston pretty good. This is a must see. After our one hour flight we hit the ground running. We have found a great local driver with great rates and he is always ready to take us around. We check in to a new Bed and Breakfast drop our bags and we are off to the Falls. It was a HOT day so we just hung out on the Zambia side with plans on going into Zimbabwe the following day. We did get to walk all over the top of the falls because it is dry. Felt like the moon.

The Zimbabwe side was amazing! I would say it is better than the Zambia side. You can see the entire falls and really understand just how big it is. They even had a little water





img_7303img_7342img_7341img_7339img_7338img_7311img_7316img_7315This is the top of the only fall on Zambia side

Felt like the moon
Enjoying a dip before the rains
Top of falls
Oops, Say this after we went for a walk


Looking towards Zimbabwe


Need to stay here some day
Zimbabwe feeder
Zimbabwe side



A dry Victoria Falls

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