This Thanksgiving we went to our friends Ty and Francis. Francis and I decided to split the work and we shared the joys of hosting an American holiday in Zambia. We had 16 people and the dinner went off without a hitch. We even had a Zambian enjoy our gluttonous overeating on his first Thanksgiving. I think next year he will be thankful for not being invited. He was stuffed but loved all the traditional foods. The French man couldn’t get enough of the pie. It was a great holiday with great friends and beautiful weather. We were home by 9:30 so we could be up and on the road to the Bat migration at 5am.

On a trip home. Those of you who know me well, know I never leave the house once. I always have to go back for something. This is an everyday event and the guards just laugh at me. Thursday was no different as I forgot serving spoons of all things. I was driving down the dirt road after a night of rain, all the sudden I see a bicycle upside down next to my passenger window! Holy s#%*. I stop the car look over and see a young boy looking up at me from the ditch. My first thought is “crap I just hit a kid” As I get out of the car a guard from what turns out to be an old Vice Presidents house walks out and tells me that the boy tried to overtake me and he has no brakes on his bicycle. I’m glad it happened in front of someone like that. When the boy figured out he wasn’t going to make it because of the potholes and pools of water he ended up hitting a deep hole and flipped over flying him and his buddy into the ditch. His buddy saw it coming so he landed well. UGH, I still felt awful. The boy speaks no English so the guard translated for me and ultimately I took him to a nearby clinic gave him a few bucks to cover the bill and was on my way.I just wanted to make sure he would be fine and he would have never been able to go and cover the cost on his own. Just a reminder how fast things in life can change.





3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. janelainewencel says:

    The table & food looked incredible. Phew…glad to see that you had crock pots! Those boys had no idea who they were messing with…a gentleman & a jeep man. : )


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