A drive around Ng’ombe compound


I have had some people ask me what the compounds are like. Here is 12 minutes of video total (No sound) and shows a small glimpse into the living conditions of most people in the capital of Zambia.

This is Ng’ombe compound where Chikumbuso is located. On Todays trip to the business section of Ng’ombe, Gertrud and I did a little Christmas shopping for the 500+ kids, widows and grandmas that Chikumbuso sponsors. Thanks to Julie, Ann and Dennis for sending some money to help make all of these peoples Christmas a little bit better. The dollar goes A LOT further here than in the states. When possible I try to shop within the community and support the small businesses.

Christmas is different here. You don’t hear kids saying I want this or I need that, what they want is some food for the family, shoes and warm cloths. They will be so grateful for anything that is received. Today we bought 500Kg (1100 lbs.) of rice and some solar powered lights. Before we are done everyone will take home rice, a bag of sugar, a bag of salt, and a bottle of cooking oil. Some get the solar lights others get clothes, shoes, umbrellas and school supplies




A drive around Ng’ombe compound

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