Chikumbuso Christmas 

What a FANTASTIC day! The Chikumbuso Christmas party was an experience that I won’t soon forget. The kids had a blast. They sang, they danced, put on a play, and were so thankful for the gift of friendship, unconditional love, and people just caring. Deliso made some new friends and tried his best to show them some dance moves. 
Thanks to the people who sent money so we could help make their holiday better with gifts of food and clothes. The kids were grateful for the items of rice, oil, and sugar. The mayor even came out to give support with a donation of food and blankets.
I was given a chitenge (a piece of cloth) along with all the widows, mothers and teachers. 
I also got a sunburn that day. Just want to rub that in for all of you freezing right now. I guess this is what I get for not buttoning the top button on my shirt. Sorry Jason I still haven’t learned. 

Chikumbuso Christmas 

3 thoughts on “Chikumbuso Christmas 

  1. vanemmon says:

    These pictures sure let us know what a Real Christmas is about, giving & sharing. Thank you for these photos,it put it all in perspective for me. So Happy you could be part of this Celebration!


  2. stevewencel says:

    That is awesome I never thought about friendship as a gift but it is, such great gift that is so necessary in our life’s where ever we are at. Thanks for being my friends you two. Be safe and enjoy. Merry Christmas

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