Real life for kids of all ages in Ngombe compound,Zambia. 

This is just one little girls story that I get to interact with. 

Every day this 8 year old girl wakes up at sunrise to make breakfast for her mother, father and brothers. When she is done with that she has to clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes and make the beds. Then she has to sell a basket of fruit before she is allowed to go to school. These are her responsibilities every day and has never complained one bit. Today I bought 20 bananas for basically $2.00 and she still had all this left. Her classes start at 3 and almost always makes it. Just a small reminder of how hard it is and the responsibility that is put on kids of all ages here. 


5 thoughts on “Responsibilities 

  1. vanemmon says:

    Such Sweet & Happy children, so kind of you to help her out John, many banana Smoothies in your future ! Thank you for sharing.


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